NFT: non-fungible token



One of the endeavours of Cardano is to enable the transactions of foreign cryptocurrencies on Cardano network. It means that in the future it will be possible to send Bitcoin over Cardano, paying Cardano fees instead of Bitcoin fees. As a first step towards this development, support of Native Tokens has been provided. 

Native Tokens are assets created on Cardano, they are native to it. At the moment in time, anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can create a new token right on Cardano blockchain. Those assets have different properties, such as creator name, url, or a link to an image. If there is only one token with a link to an image, ownership of a token can imply ownership of an image, if that is what the token creator has intended. If that token is only one of a kind, then it is an NFT - it cannot be interchanged for an identical token, it is unique. 


1. We are offering our delegators to mint their Native Tokens free of charge. Contact us through the social channel of choice to get one created for you. 

2. As part of learning we minted a token for fun: "ShutUpAndTakeMyADA". It is based on a famous meme from Futurama. The image attached to the token is created in the style of Wassily Kandinsky with Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano) replacing Fry from Futurama.


We hope that receivers of those tokens will be able to use them to send along with their ADA for own and the recipient's entertainment. Those tokens were created in the quantity of 99999 and no more can be created. If you would like to obtain some of them, please contact us or keep an eye of our activity: we plan to give them away in very small numbers on Twitter, as well as send out to our delegators from time to time. 

Below is demonstration of how those tokens are displayed in the third party tools and in Daedalus respectively. In the future those images as well as other properties will be displayed directly in Cardano wallets.