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Homemade Preserves

An aspect that should help us stand out: we do have skin in the game. We do believe in the project. We are here since the early days.


Our idea of contribution to the network is very simple: the better the system – the better every part of that system.


This is why we are aiming at educating fellow humans on the scientifically proven plan of Cardano's success.

We are in the game!

Image by Glen Carrie

0% FEE
We set it for two reasons.


First, with the current ADA price we can cover the costs of running our sophisticated setup solely with the rewards from our pledge.


Second, our primary goal is to contribute, not to earn. We are content with our lives and as a next step it makes most sense helping others to find their way of HYGGE. 


We like what we do!


We are set for a long-term trouble-free operation.


Have you heard of ₳64 million saturated pools that haven't made a single block for a week due to setup errors? Won't happen.


Node upgrades? No problem! Our infra is made with standards of financial enterprises.


Our setup is fault-tolerant, scalable, redundant, and high-available.


We tested it!

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